Blair Witch's Donahue: Happily Out of the Woods

To hear Heather Donahue, star of the creepy The Blair Witch Project tell it, the most frightening part of making the movie wasn't the witch herself, it was being stuck in the woods, far from female contact.

"You never realize how much you need to just see another girl once in a while, just see one," the actress, who for eight nights camped in the wilds of Maryland with two male co-stars to play doomed student filmmakers shooting a documentary, tells The New York Post. "Men, they just have a different way of functioning, especially when they're in a pack. You've got fart jokes galore. And not that I don't enjoy a good fart joke, but every once in a while you're just like, 'Damn I'd just like to put on a little lipstick.' "

That lack of creature comforts also extended, of course, to bathroom issues. "You just hike off," Donahue explains. "That was the worst. It is so much easier for guys. They're proud of how easy it is; they relish the ease with which they pee in the woods. Me? I'm just happy not to splash it on my shoes." --Michael Peck