The following is a poem by Jonathan Fowler:

I just wanted to explain that this poem is really about the attractions
inspired by famous actresses or actors that all of people or audiences feel ;
the narrator (myself) obviously feels strongly about Heather, but this poem
should perhaps be more interpreted as a view of respect and reverence towards
a beautiful and talented actress, rather than a serious "love ballad".
Anyway, here's the poem :

"To Heather Donahue"

I knew, at just that first glance-
a 4:50 matinee- what a chance !
You upon the silvery screen,
I, in the darkness, hunkered alone in my seat,
Watching intently with each passing scene.
And when first did I gaze upon those beautiful eyes,
with which you did, in turn, me hypnotize
that I would pine never for another,
but only you would I have for my lover.

This dewy-eyed angel who in darkness,
calls to me
Can there be another as beautiful, as virtious as thee ?
I whispered to the fates, high and low !
"Who is this angel ? Pray, tell me."
And they answer in hushed tones,
The answer they told me true,

"This angel's name is Heather-
Heather Donahue."

What a name ! What a face !
What a radiance so true !
A voice so pure, so innoccent, so smooth,
And a body like radiant Aphrodite in hue !

I want you, Heather Donahue !
For when it comes to my heart, there is no one else but you,
I want only you, Heather Donahue !

The radiance so true ; a goddess thou art,
together we will be, never apart.
To sing to thee for all thine living days
of a love so true-

But wait !

What's this ? What foul word
causes me to cease, forces me to desist ?
What, now does this cataclysm have a name ?

Oh yes : Gregg-

I crash ; after the dash, it is a faltering blow,
the world up-ended; only pain do I know.

The earth shakes of fury
The cold ground rises for my body to consume; to bury
The end be near for me.

For the snarling Leviathan has you within his clutches
the golden Aphrodite-Heather-his prisoner.
That awful word that all love-lorn men fear-A Boyfriend.
Oh no ! Rue this day ; this evil tidbit of Judas.
A glitch of information is what's split the bond betwixt us.
But can all be lost ? No ! I must pursue until,
with the bonds of Holy matrimony, you are split from me forever.
But whom would accomplish such a daunting task ?

Who will wrest you from his hold ?
Surely no less than one of the heroes of old ;
Be it Heracles, or Roland, perhaps Gilgamesh or Jason ?
Odysseus, Beowulf, or Aeson ?

Or perhaps a knight from comely Aurthor's court ;
Lancelot ; Gwain ; one of this sort ?

Nay. For these heroes' times are passed.
And, among them I will never be.

Fate has made it so.
There'll be no reward for this Romeo.

Heather, angel from the silvery screen
Beauty who dwells in my dreams;
Fate has seen fit to find you with some other, and not with me.

But I speak not in wrath, but rather,
Salutations I extend ; to you
and to him-Gregg, who's arms
you now lie in, must be
Among men blessed ; to catch the bright angel,
Heather, to whom the earth has fallen.

But, if fate should allow, for the
cosmos, somehow, to be realigned,
And by a startling light, you are no longer blind,
and you and he ( to mention his name again would be a crime )
should a different course each take,
And again your heart should rage or ache,
Do not grumble, or engage in sloth, or
chase after Dyonises, searching for hope ;

But rather, call upon me, when in need of love
Merely look to the end of thine line of potential courtiers,

And there you will find,
the poor lovesick poet,
for, only for you, does he pine.

-Jonathan Fowler (MrGuy203 )