02/21/2001 - Wow, talk about ISP problems, I've just gone through the roughest move ever. I've had endless problems with getting a clear ISP, seems to be tough out here. Things are finally going smooth again, so I will continue to update this site. Look for some more information to be posted within the next week!

05/23/2000 - OK, I went through the items from Miramax and pulled out only three photos with Heather in them.  These photos are now located in the photo page, you can also link to them from the new Boys and Girls page that has the press kit information about the movie.  I'll post more as I find it.

05/22/2000 - I disappeared off the face of the Earth for a while there.  Sorry about there not being ANY updates for five months.  I've been contacted by Miramax and am in the process of getting some photos/information about Heather's new movie.  Due to my internet connection, it will be late tonight when I finally receive everything.  I will place an update on this site tomorrow afternoon and work on getting everything going again.  I plan on moving this site to where I have a lot more space shortly (and no more banners).  I will leave the home page(s) up on this site with links to the new location when the move is made.  I'd also like to put another open call out there to anyone who would like to help me with the upkeep of this site.  Gathering information takes quite a bit of time and I could use all the help I could get!  If you are interested, send me an e-mail and we'll chat.   I did receive an e-mail quite some time ago from someone interested in helping but my e-mail kept bouncing back...send me another note and we'll chat.  On one last note for today, I'd like to thank everyone for their continued support of this site, we all share a common interest...being a fan of Heather Donahue, I enjoy reading everyone's e-mails and I will do my best in answering everyone's questions and getting this site going again!

12/21/1999 - We have an update!   Craig Oxbrow was nice enough to send a transcript of Heather being interviewed on Channel 4 in the UK.  You can access the interview from the interviews page, thank you Craig!   I'd also like to put an open call out there to anyone who would like to help me with upkeep on this site.  I haven't been able to spend as much time as I would like with the site and could use the help to keep it current and fresh.  If you are interested, send me an e-mail and we'll chat.

11/23/1999 - Wow, been a long time in between updates.  I've been receiving a lot of great e-mails from all over the world lately, it's good to know that Heather has so many fans spanning the globe!   To start off, I'm planning a big overhaul of the site in the next couple of days to include some new items that will be placed on the web site (the Heather FAQ (finally), a better bio, and a page devoted to e-mails that have been sent to this site).  First, click me to be sent to a poem written by Jonathan Fowler.  This poem will be placed in the new "fan" section going up in the next couple of days, but you can access it here now!  I've also added three new pics from the premier issue of Wicked magazine (I highly recommend this magazine).  I've had some computer problems as of late causing my hard drive to be formatted.  I am still in the process of getting everything back on there, and unfortunately I can't seem to find some of my photo editing software packages...what this means is the scans aren't the best quaity.  I will get these retouched as soon as possible and repost them.  My thanks again to all the Heather fans out there that keep this site alive.  If there is anything you want to see on the site, send me an e-mail and it will be added!  This is, after all, the Heather Donahue FAN Page.

10/11/1999 - Two great new photos have been added to the site thanks to Vincent Thibert from Belgium!   Vincent scanned these great shots in from the November 1999 issue of Empire, a UK movie magazine!  I can't thank you enough Vincent!  More is definately on the way!  As if you need a reminder...The Blair Witch Project comes out in a mere 11 days!

10/06/1999 -  An update!   Four new photos have been added to the site thanks to some great Heather fans!   We have a picture from the November 1999 SFX Magazine sent to me from Vincent Thibert  from Belgium!  There are two photos from Joseph Almanzo scanned from USA weekend a few months ago and a picture with Heather's autograph sent to me from Beth!   There is now a link to The University of the Arts in Heather's bio located at the bottom of this page.   I'm all moved in and will be able to start updating this site again on a much quicker basis again.  As always, thanks for all the wonderful e-mails and more is always on the way!

09/27/1999 - Another long delay in an update...I am in the process of moving, I should be completely moved in by the end of this weekend, so updates will be much more frequent after that.  In the meantime...two new photos have been added to the photo section and an interview from Details magazine has been added (thanks J.P. for the info)!  Thanks again for all the support and e-mails, this site is by no means closing!

09/10/1999 - Here's some news on The Blair Witch Project.  First off, if you haven't heard yet, the movie will be released on DVD and VHS October 22, 1999.  You can preorder the DVD now at dvdexpress and get a TBWP Swiss Army Knife (I do not work for dvdexpress, I'm just a customer there myself).  Also...OWN AN ACTUAL PROP FROM THE MOVIE!  There are currently two official auctions going on eBay right now.  Here's a quote from Matt:  "My name is Matt Compton, and I worked on "The Blair Witch Project." I wanted to let you know about a couple of auctions I'm helping to run right now on eBay.  My friend, Neal Fredericks (Director of Photography), is auctioning the camera and slate used in the movie."  Yep, the movie camera is back up for auction due to the highest bidder backing out the last time it was up for auction, and now you can bid on the slate too!   Follow these links to take a look at the items:  http://home1.gte.net/mcomp/camera.htm and http://home1.gte.net/mcomp/slate.htm.   There was also a hint that there may be some more auctions coming soon, I'll let you know what I find out when I hear more!

09/10/1999 - Quite some time since the last update...I am sorry about the lack of information lately, things were quite busy for me the past couple of weeks and it just couldn't be helped.  Now for the updates!   Heather was on the MTV Music Awards yesterday and she looked great!  Hope you caught it!  There is a new photo up in the photos page, it is from the (of all things) National Enquirer.  It's the Sept. 14th issue if you are looking to pick it up.  I am designing a few more pages for the site and they should probably go up sometime this weekend, it will include a FAQ, a better biography and the return of the humorous e-mails page!  As always, more information is coming and I'll post it as soon as I find it out!

08/26/1999 - Well I haven't heard from freeservers.com, but it looks like the Flash pages are working again!  Good to see all that work didn't go to waste.  I've placed the text of the People Magazine article up on the interviews page.  I'll have some more info on another website that I've found just recently, also, Heather was on the View yesterday, hope you all caught it, she did a great job!  Thank you again MountJanet for the great info, I don't think I heard about it anywhere else!

08/25/1999 - Well seems like there's problems with Freeservers.com.  You are probably experiencing trouble with the Flash version of the site, the server has changed something yesterday and I have notified them of the problem.  Hopefully everything will be taken care of in the next couple of days as they promised to contact me by tomorrow night.  Everything should still work on the non-Flash version of the page, so updates will still be coming!  I will post a notice when I hear from freeservers.  I should have the People magazine article up tomorrow night!  Added a link to the Joshua Leonard Website, a fan site devoted to Josh, check it out, the link is on the links page!

08/24/1999 - Looks like Heather's appearance on Politically Incorrect was canceled at the last minute, I have been informed that she will be on The View on Wednesday, August 25th.  Thanks MountJanet for the info!  Also, thank you Joseph for the link to the Real Audio/Multimedia interviews of Heather and Mike (link is found on the Interviews page).

08/22/1999 - New Photo - Place a new photo up from People magazine, the text of the article will be up soon.

08/21/1999 - Site News - A problem was found on the non-flash version of the site, quite a big problem actually.  I apologize for the error, the non-flash version should work perfectly now.  Please let me know if you encounter any problems with the new site design.

08/21/1999 - New Site Design goes live - The initial change in the new site design goes up today.  You may notice a couple of pages are missing from the new design, this will be changed shortly.  Another change will go up probably Sunday night.  This News/Info page will be updated into an easier to read format and more information will be added.  Please e-mail me if you encounter any trouble with the new site design.  Thanks!  Special thank you to Jay and Beth for doing a quick test of the new design!

08/20/1999 - Heather does another intro skit on the Tonight Show 8/19/99 - Heather, Josh and Mike filmed a short skit for the intro to the Tonight Show on 8/19, for those that missed it, they were wandering through the building recreating the "we're lost/we're not lost" scene when they come upon a security guard and continue the parody with "this is the same security guard we saw yesterday!"  They then looked up and yelled "what is that?!" and ran screaming down the hallway.  At the other end of the hallway we see Jay Leno chasing after them yelling "Hey, come on!" and pertending to be out of breath he mutters "Blair Witch my ass."  Pretty funny.

08/18/1999 - Heather's appearance on the Tonight Show is finally transcribed and available in the Interviews section of the site!  Heather and Josh were in the audience for Mike's appearance on the Tonight Show, and it looks like Josh will be there on Thursday, so perhaps Mike and Heather will cheer him on too.

08/17/1999 - New photo up in photo section - thank you Joseph!

08/16/1999 - Transcript of Heather's Appearance on the Craig Kilborn Show Available!  A big THANK-YOU goes to Beth for sending me the mentioned transcript, its available on the bio/interviews page!   Thank you again Beth!

08/12/1999 - Heather Donahue autographed items:   www.starshows.com NOW HAS some autographed copies of the comic book,  there are only 200 copies so if you are looking for one, get there quickly.  Apparently, this is fully authorized by Heather and it is vended by her dad, so you don't have to worry about a fake autograph.   Good luck!

08/12/1999 - Split Screen on the Independent Film Channel showed a cut part of the confessional, it's during the part where she claims it's her fault and she mentions that (and this is a direct quote)    "I should have told the guys about all the stories, before we came out. I only told them half of everything. And so, they weren't fully prepared... to know what to expect. That's my fault too."  -thanks Transpotr for the info!

Heather's Biography - Heather Donahue studied at the Walnut Street Theater School in her native Philadelphia then earned a B.F.A. and several awards from The University of the Arts, where she cut her teeth on everything from Strindberg to Shakespeare, Genet to Mamet. In the U-Arts London apprenticeship program that she created, she appeared on stage at the Soho Theatre Company and Battersea Arts Centre.  Since graduation Donahue's acting credits have included the title role in J.M. Synge's "Diedre of the Sorrows" as well as prominent roles in "Kindertransport," "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and Moliere's "Don Juan." In New York she appeared in downtown and regional productions and was a member of the Red Shag Improv Comedy group and the experimental Collision Theory Theater Company. Her next films are "Home Field Advantage" and "Under the Hammock." She resides in Los Angeles.

Much more to follow...comments/suggestions...Feel free to e-mail me